About the PSA

The University of Alabama Professional Staff Assembly (PSA) is a democratically-elected voting body committed to representing the needs of professional staff to our University administration. How is “professional staff” defined? If you meet the following criteria, then you are considered professional staff:

Employees of The University of Alabama holding full-time regular professional (non-faculty) positions that are eligible for full benefits and classified Equal Employment Opportunity 3 or 5 (EEO 3 or 5) shall be considered members in the professional staff employee group.

Working with Human Resources and other departments at the University, the PSA addresses such important employee issues as healthcare coverage, parking arrangements, child care possibilities, benefits tailoring, and more. Elected members interface with the Faculty Senate, OCTSA and several other agencies of the campus community to more fully serve the needs of employees.


Below is the current membership roster of the PSA including their email addresses and dates of service. Regular membership terms are two years beginning in April and ending in March. At-large membership terms will complete the reminder of the term for the available seat. If you have a question about the current membership roster, contact the PSA Secretary or PSA President.

Last NameFirst NameDivisionTerm Ends
Nguyen Trang Academic Affairs 3/31/2020
Bowman Ashlie Advancement 3/31/2020
Hixon Mary Margaret Advancement 3/31/2020
Jewell Angela Advancement 3/31/2020
Hanna Johnny Athletics 3/31/2020
Suiter Joe Athletics 3/31/2020
Diltz Michelle Athletics 3/31/2020
Fisher Stevee Athletics 3/31/2020
Hall Meaghan Athletics 3/31/2020
McIntosh Shanna Athletics - AT-LARGE 3/31/2020
Hudson Tammy Athletics - AT-LARGE 3/31/2020
Johnson Kayla College of Arts and Sciences 3/31/2020
Machado Eve College of Arts and Sciences 3/31/2020
Adams Neil College of Communication and Information Sciences 3/31/2020
Hunter Angela College of Community Health Sciences 3/31/2020
Mercado John College of Continuing Studies 3/31/2020
Welborn Megan College of Continuing Studies 3/31/2020
Wolfe Kelly College of Continuing Studies 3/31/2020
Lowe Stephanie College of Continuing Studies 3/31/2020
Lee Chris College of Education 3/31/2020
Brothers Kerry College of Human Environmental Sciences 3/31/2020
Cook Dee Community Affairs 3/31/2020
Maguire Daniel Culverhouse College of Commerce 3/31/2020
Peters Candace Culverhouse College of Commerce 3/31/2020
Ingenrieth Jan Culverhouse College of Commerce 3/31/2020
Johnson Carleen Financial Affairs (excluding HR) 3/31/2020
Johnson Linda Financial Affairs (excluding HR) 3/31/2020
Hampton Tyreece Financial Affairs (excluding HR) 3/31/2020
Baxter Alyson Financial Affairs (excluding HR) 3/31/2020
Shotts Angela Office of Research & Economic Development 3/31/2020
Adams Camisha President 3/31/2020
Bickerstaff Ben President Elect 3/31/2021
Dean Wendy School of Law 3/31/2020
Dorrill Shane Strategic Communications 3/31/2020
Hughey Lindsey Strategic Communications 3/31/2020
Hargreaves Darrell Student Life 3/31/2020
Brock Amelia Student Life 3/31/2020
Williams Dana Student Life 3/31/2020
Pucko Bob University Libraries 3/31/2020