The Outstanding Professional Award recognizes two University of Alabama professional staff for going above and beyond normal responsibilities and duties, for bringing out the best in others, for offering innovative ideas, and for creating conditions for success.

Inquiries about the Outstanding Professional Award can be directed to Carleen Johnson or Stephanie Lowe of the Professional Development Committee.

2019 Outstanding Professional Award Winners

Pictured here are (Left to Right):

Whitney Sewell

Greg Gaddis


2018 Outstanding Professional Award Winners

Craig Graves and Alyson Jarnagin

Pictured here are (Left to Right): Craig Graves (2018 OPA Winner), Camisha Adams (PSA President),  Alyson Jarnagin (2018 OPA Winner), Julie Shelton (Associate Vice President for Finance)

Craig Graves

Alyson Jarnagin

2017 Outstanding Professional Award Winners

Patty Benton and Hiron Stiell

PSA Outstanding Professional Award Winners and Nominees
Pictured here are (Left to Right): Hiron Stiell (2017 OPA Winner), Sydney Palmer, Brandie Nabors, Brett Riley, Dr. Stuart Bell (UA President), Leslie Abernathy, Emili Alexander, Ashley Newsome and Lynn Heard. Not Pictured are Patty Benton (2017 OPA Winner), Jan Jones, Rosalind Moore-Miller and Lois Strachan


Patty Benton

Hiron Stiell


2016 Outstanding Professional Award Winners


Kelly Avery

Jacob Jones


2015 Outstanding Professional Award Winners


Jennifer Anderson

Jeannie Thomley