Below is the current membership roster of the PSA including their email addresses and dates of service. Regular membership terms are two years beginning in April and ending in March. At-large membership terms will complete the remainder of the term for the available seat. If you have a question about the current membership roster, contact the PSA Secretary or PSA President.

Last NameFirst NameDivisionTerm Ends
Barnett Christina Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Grammar Tristan Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Homan Holli Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Mackey Frederick Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Marker Laila Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Metcalfe Blake Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Siekkinen Judah Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Watts Hagood Marian Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Willis Simone Academic Affairs 5/31/2026
Evans Ashley Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Fannin Andrea Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Frost Stephen Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Hinton Melissa Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Meadows Katheryn Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Morrow Kathryn Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Ratcliff Chelsea Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Roth-Burnette Jennifer Academic Affairs 5/31/2025
Busby Natalie Advancement 5/31/2025
Berry Blake Advancement 5/31/2026
Rushton Brittany Advancement 5/31/2026
Snead Charles Arts and Sciences 5/31/2026
Wingler Brandon Arts and Sciences 5/31/2026
Benstead Heidi Arts and Sciences 5/31/2025
Berman Hannah Arts and Sciences 5/31/2025
Crawford Patrice Arts and Sciences 5/31/2025
Elliot Cathy Arts and Sciences 5/31/2025
Adams Anna At-Large 5/31/2026
Brocato Susan At-Large 5/31/2026
Carroll Leanne At-Large 5/31/2026
Cline Beverly At-Large 5/31/2026
Delrymple Dustyn At-Large 5/31/2026
Gambrell Erica At-Large 5/31/2026
Jenkins Sarah At-Large 5/31/2026
Richardson Ryan At-Large 5/31/2026
Blackmon Christopher Athletics 5/31/2026
Harrell Pam Athletics 5/31/2026
Nethery Katie Athletics 5/31/2026
Peoples Chynna Athletics 5/31/2026
Walker Shinora Athletics 5/31/2026
Bergeron Amanda Athletics 5/31/2025
Bumgardner Ashley Athletics 5/31/2025
Graham Darryl Athletics 5/31/2025
Northrup Jackie Athletics 5/31/2025
Richardson Jessica Athletics 5/31/2025
Homan Hannah CBA 5/31/2026
Petitt Elizabeth CBA 5/31/2026
Whitten-Shuler Megan CBA 5/31/2026
Burns Karen CBA 5/31/2025
de los Reyes Amelia CBA 5/31/2025
Van Ross CBA 5/31/2025
Chavers Michael CCHS 5/31/2026
Fancher Chelsea CCHS 5/31/2026
Zganjar Leslie CCHS 5/31/2026
Parker Crystal CCHS 5/31/2025
Grammer Ashley CCIS 5/31/2026
Holcombe Alison CCIS 5/31/2026
Morris Lisa CCIS 5/31/2026
Cook Dee Community Affairs 5/31/2026
Lewis Osielia Diversity 5/31/2026
Crowder Ashley Education 5/31/2026
Sellers Tracie Education 5/31/2025
Wilson Tamela Education 5/31/2025
Kerwood Stormi Engineering 5/31/2026
McWaters Telisa Engineering 5/31/2026
Radke Thomas Engineering 5/31/2026
Hall Adrienne Engineering 5/31/2025
Hester Michael Engineering 5/31/2025
Toxey Anna Claire Engineering 5/31/2025
Webb Arthur Engineering 5/31/2025
Bigelow Jason Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Fegumps Noel Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Frenz Nick Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Gordon Christy Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Hand Michael Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Massey Alison Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Robinson Shae Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Vaughn Stacy Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Young-Hobbs Angela Financial Affairs 5/31/2026
Anderson Jennifer Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Baxter Robert Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Brunot Kathy Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Cox Brian Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Cranmore Tyler Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Gibbs Shana Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Johnson Catherine Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Park Charlotte Financial Affairs 5/31/2025
Morthland Kerri Graduate School 5/31/2025
Godbey Genna HES 5/31/2026
Graves Craig HES 5/31/2026
Ivy Chartis HES 5/31/2025
Klein Rosemary HES 5/31/2025
Aguilar Jessica HES 5/31/2026
Morris Sierra HR 5/31/2026
Trull Emma HR 5/31/2026
Laycock Sheri HR 5/31/2025
Kennamore Kiana Law School 5/31/2026
Acker Paige Law School 5/31/2025
Smart Nathan Law School 5/31/2025
Watrous-Hendrix Alyssa Library 5/31/2026
Kirby Rosemary Nursing 5/31/2026
Sagirs Danielle OTIDE 5/31/2026
Butler Crystal OTIDE 5/31/2025
Campos Lynette OTIDE 5/31/2025
Duggan Melissa OTIDE 5/31/2025
Kaylor Kristin OTIDE 5/31/2025
McCorkle Brooke OTIDE 5/31/2025
Medders Hannah OTIDE 5/31/2025
Young Lisa President 5/31/2025
Wolfe Kelly President-Elect 5/31/2026
Fendley Kelsie Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2026
James Vonda Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2026
Pendley Brian Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2026
Porter Jessica Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2026
Scott Christina Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2025
Scott Debra Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2025
Harris Carrie Research and Econ Dev 5/31/2025
Harrison Donna Social Work 5/31/2025
Trull Valerie Social Work 5/31/2025
Chisholm John Strategic Communications 5/31/2026
Pieschel Alex Strategic Communications 5/31/2026